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In the last years dental implantology has gone through an outstandingly great development.

An implant is an artificial dental root made from Titanium, which is implanted into the jaw through a surgical operation and which keeps the artificial tooth or teeth firmly in position. The dentures and bridges fixed by the implants do not move in the mouth which is an important advantage during eating and speech. This safe fitting gives a more natural feeling.

The lifespan of the implants depends on the place of the implant and the patient's oral hygiene, it can be up to 10 or 20 years.

Nowadays, dental implants are made of Titanium, which is tissue-friendly and doesn't cause any allergy.

The patient is ready for an implantation if he or she is in good health, has good oral hygiene and possesses sufficient bone substance. During the preliminary examinations, the therapist informs the patient about treatment and surgery procedures and the planning of prosthetic dentistry.
In the Joob Dentistry specialists with the highest qualifications (Master degree at the University of Munster) perform this procedure and they use the marketleader implants (Nobel Biocare¬ģ, Straumann¬ģ).