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Dentures can be divided to two main groups. One of them is fixed, the other is removal. Though the fixed and the removable elements can be completed at the same time, that's what we call a combined denture.

We can choose from more possibilities if prosthesis for certain teeth is needed.
Fixed dentures are the crowns and the bridges.

If the crown of the tooth is damaged to a great extent or it cannot be retained with conserving dental methods, we usually prepare a crown. First we abrade the tooth to a conic shape, and take an impression on the basis of which the crown is established in the laboratory of dental technology. The prepared denture covers a part of the tooth which can be found in the oral cavity like a hat. According to its material, technology and function many types of crowns exist in technology and function, these days the best solution is the crown with porcelain fused to metal. This kind of crown has a metal frame, which reassures stability, and this frame is topped a covering layer made of porcelain, which guarantees a very aesthetic outlook. The crown protects the tooth from being broken, keeps its colour and it is very durable.

Fixed bridges are made to replace missing teeth. It is very important that already one missing tooth can cause severe problems (the contrapuntal system collides, power effects change, the tooth opposite to the missing tooth is rising, etc.) so it should be replaced. In this case the teeth around the missing one are leaning toward each other, the body itself tries to solve the problem, which does not have a result. So, the later the bridge is made, the more difficult the solution will be. There are also fixed partial dentures or removable partial dentures. In the first case the position and the number of remaining teeth does not make it possible to create a fixed denture. In the second case the replacement can only be solved with removable, full row of teeth.

If the preparation of the remaining teeth gives a reason for the completion of a partial prosthesis, the fixed and the removable parts can also be prepared together (combined denture). In this case the row of teeth must be attached to the crown covering the remaining teeth in a hidden way.