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What's the philosophy of our office?

Every patient needs a tailor-made treatment, planned by the orthodontist and agreed with you, the patient. In order to decide what treatment is required for you, your orthodontist will need to carry out a full assessment of your teeth which is likely to include x-rays, impressions (moulds of the teeth) and photographs. Treatment can last for more than two years so it is important that you should be happy from the outset with what is recommended.

Why is it good to have a regular denture?

With a regular denture you can smile beautifully and irresistibly. Your face will be harmonious, your self-confidence will grow and you'll more successful in your life. The risk of oral cavity will decrease. The jawbone will be strained equally, so you won't have joint problems.

When should we start orthodontic treatment?

You can start orthodontic treatment at any age, from 3-4 years old as long as you want. The most important thing is that the patient – at any age – should really want it, because a high level of cooperation is required. First you can have an informal consultation, when the orthodontic specialist estimates the opportunities and problems. An exact diagnosis and a treatment plan is made with the aid of dental impressions and special a x-ray. During the second session the patient is informed about the treatment specially-tailored for him.
The orthodontical treatment started in childhood affects not only the denture, but the development of face. With an early treatment (even at the age of 4) we can assist the harmonious bonedevelopment. In this case we use removable or fixed braces.
Many things that are possible in adolescents are equally possible in adults. Crooked teeth can be straightened out in much the same way, although it may take a little longer to get there. The main differences arise because adults are not growing so orthodontists cannot harness the natural growth of the jaws to correct problems like prominent upper teeth.
If you don't want to wear metal braces: Ceramic brackets are tooth coloured or translucent. They are less noticeable than metal brackets and therefore often favoured by adults. Treatment can take more than two years so it is important you are happy from the outset with what is recommended.